Wardrobe Detox & Enhance

In addition to making you noticed, clothing needs to be functional, and comfortable for you live with ease and be our best creative selves all the time. Let’s face it – clothing is one of the center points of our daily life. When you have a functional wardrobe with both essential and statement pieces, then getting dressed is no-stress; your clothes will support you like a good friend.

Going to your wardrobe each morning should be enjoyable. The clothes you put on should feel good on your skin, and accompany you in a peaceful way throughout your day, never restraining, but quietly giving you power and confidence.

Reach out and I will help you find it. I am just an email away.

  • You will never again feel as if you have nothing to wear
  • You will love every item in your wardrobe
  • Your clothing will feel like your friend, not your enemy
  • You will be able to get dressed quickly every morning, & for every special occasion
  • Everything in your wardrobe will be a reflection of you
What is included in this service?
  • Learn how to create an ideal, functional wardrobe trough a de-cluttering process
  • Aim for a good balance of 60/20/20
  • What is a capsule wardrobe – minimal pieces, maximum outfits
  • Learn the rules of 80/20
  • Wardrobe enhancers and tips on storage
  • Clothing, handbags, shoes: care & maintenance
  • Wardrobe essentials
  • Create your shopping plan
  • Learn to pack your luggage (business and/or pleasure) without stress

The Wardrobe Detox & Enhance service requires a minimum 3-hour booking.

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