Discovery of Personal Style & Grooming

Personal style means being in control of your appearance and achieving the coveted WOW LOOK every day. It has nothing to do with age, budget or body type. Personal style is for everyone and it’s about acknowledging what looks good on you and confidently wearing it. It means knowing how to create a flattering outfit that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Take a look at your daily routine and what’s in your closet.

For women, there are endless creative style opportunities that allow them to address the needs of their varied lifestyles. They frequently need to update or modify their wardrobes, and can easily mix and match high street items with designer gear. Women are invariably more open to changing their looks since the choice is almost limitless.

On the other hand, my experience has taught me that men instinctively decide much quicker than women. Often, when they do find something they like, they will buy more than one, in different colors. Style is meaningful and enjoyable only when it feels like a reflection of you!

Reach out and I will help you find it. I am just an email away.

  • Feel confident inside and out
  • Start your day happiness and with ease. You know you will be wearing the right clothes
  • Know how to choose the best outfit for the day ahead
  • Believe in quality, not quantity
  • Understand the difference between timeless and trendy
What is included in this service?
  • A discussion of where you are today and what you want to become, and how to project
  • Discover your body shape/color/character-traits?
  • Learn how to express your personality by what and how you wear it, and by mixing and matching clothing items and accessories
  • Personal grooming including make-up, hair care & basic styling, head-to-toe body care plan
  • Essential steps to looking and feeling younger

The Discovery of Personal Style & Grooming service requires a minimum 3-hour booking.

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