They have everything you need…” more. I'm hoping I can find the right path this time. Didaskalos Farm Anyway---I'll stop my rambling! I know I need to eat more carbs, and it's been almost comical how it's been a struggle to figure out how to add them back! I have learned a lot from you and your blog and I thank you for it, but I do think a little moderation can be good for you mentally and physically. His theory has totally rocked my world! Milk. It continues to amaze me how stress can affect our bodies. Artisan bread The one thing I'm trying to learn from my husband- and men are better than women at that, in my opion- is to control my emotional eating. I have a question on the recipe :) Can I just substitute Greek yogurt rather than wait for regular yogurt to drain overnight? Juice of 1/2 lemon Now that that's opening up, I fear what that will mean for the people around him who use food (namely sweets) as a reward and a bonding opportunity. This cafe is 100% organic and committed to QUALITY, healthy, delicious food. Additionally, it also lowers cholesterol levels, strengthens teeth, and improves hair and skin health. I am currently on a fairly strict prescribed diet, and getting ready to the see the Integrated doc again. I tried Paleo, because I believe it really is a smart, healthy way to eat, but it was too limiting. Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola. Nanci’s Frozen Treats is a manufacturer and global supplier of frozen yogurt, soft-serve, sorbet, and smoothie mixes. She is welcoming” more, “I went to this store today for the first time and everybody here was so friendly and helpful! I think if we try our absolute best 99% of the time, the occasional non-organic salad or feed-lot raised chicken breast won't lead to sudden death. And Carrie - I feel incredibly guilty eating the wrong foods (because I have the knowledge of what real food should be). I do cheat sometimes, when I go to people houses I usually don't tell them I am on a special diet. Michael Pollan's book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma Youth Edition" is a great book for kids. Oh, joy. I agree we are all to be stewards of our bodies and we have 2 young boys that we are now stewards of too....but I try and not make my health of that of my family's my Ultimate. My husband's passion is fishing and all the while I reap great benefits of feeding my family wild caught salmon at least once a week, I find Burger King parafanilia (sp?) Kelly, I would really love to chat one on one with you. equally good i topped mine with some fruit, granola, and salt and it was…” more, “I came in around 6:20 close to closing time. I have no answer for this but appreciate you giving voice to it. Every function or activity my kids are involved with seems to revolve around some processed, dye filled, gmo snack, and I find myself stressed over allowing them to participate and not limit them from everything their friends are doing. I can't go back...the way I felt....I'm not jeopardizing the tenuous grasp I have on feeling 'good' with food I don't need. I’m going to try raspberry puree next! I would like to pass on new eating traditions on to my girls, just with a different healthier twist. This dairy-free yogurt has 6 or more grams of protein per serving from pumpkin seed, watermelon seed and brown rice. (I've been sick for a year now with a mysterious illness and I've prayed with no answer about the illness or how to "cure" it.) Hi Susan - A Cup Full Of Happiness. Good luck! Hugs, Gail. Is really omega 6 so bad? Caffeine is bad? I'm pretty vocal (in a respectful way) on how I want my children (and wishfully) my husband too how to eat. Carrie, But can you take it too far? 1/3 cup raw honey Cottage Cheese. I can completely relate to what you go through. Whenever I experience anxiety about eating, I start searching for a new recipe, it gets my mind back doing something constructive! I mean frozen yogurt is supposed to be healthy... at least there…. I guess we all face different obstacles. I became pregnant and became less and less strict over my diet, eating bread and pasta again as well as cheese and desserts on occasion. It also allowed me to really keep tight reigns on what we ate. Ultimately, we slowly added back 100% whole grains and legumes and we seem to be moving in a positive direction. With just 3 ingredients you’ll be swapping out those froyo shops for homemade frozen yogurt everyday! If so, what would the amount used since the amount that you recommend for yogurt includes the whey. The young man who works the evening shift is unfriendly, detached, unhelpful, and irritable. :) I am a christian as well and I am stuck in the very situation that this particular blog talks about. As a parent we want what's best for our children, and when we know food dyes and GMOs (for example) aren't a good choice it's hard not to get stressed over it all. :). :) Kelly, Such great advice and words of wisdom. We found that it did not improve his condition and he was not getting enough calories and needed carbs. In the process I came across a blogger who believes if you fix your metabolism many of the chronic issues we (I) face would work themselves out because our bodies/hormones would be working at max capacity...and that many of these restrictive diets only contribute to a damaged metabolism in the long run. Thanks for sharing, Stacey. :) Here are my thoughts: the longer I live (I'm 30), the more I am convinced that the most important thing in life is relationships. I so appreciate you, Carrie, and your openness and honesty to share your personal struggles with us, as well as open up the dialog so we can all be encouraged by one another. I know that processed foods are bad and I try to eat naturally raised foods, so it's not like I'm going to be serving him Twinkies, either. Your email address will not be published. It is a balancing act for sure! I do not feel a lot better in the 7 months that I have been seeing her, but my blood work has improved remarkably. Cheese. Homemade yogurt is cheap and easy to make, healthy and absolutely delectable! That balance has seemed non-existant lately and I feel like summertime is passing us by while I am in the kitchen most of the day cooking and cleaning up. As a Christian, I am hoping that the Lord would use my eating choices to further His Gospel...and for me that includes what I choose not to eat, as well as what I loosen up about and eat anyway despite reservations. It's hard when you have young children and you don't sleep well or trying to feed everybody and you are the last to sit at the table and maybe you are eating while you are cooking. Going out to eat can be stressful when you know about how most food is grown and produced. I even went to a dietician to seek help in re-integrating food. The Lord keeps telling me to trust Him when I seek Him, but I keep thinking there has to be something I can do to help this illness!! We try our best but also, like Kelly, try to maintain that balance of eating healthy without obsessively making food our idol. It was a full time job and was very stressful and expensive. I love talking health, spreading the word on health...but I have to be careful. It is where the dementia comes from. First of all, no need to worry that readers will be disappointed by two dessert recipes in a row! Fuel your passion with Dannon Oikos Greek nonfat yogurt. It felt strange and awkward at first, but this is not an issue any more! Thank you for your perspective, Francesca. Thank you for your kind words Dena. But I guess I don't have really autoimmune issues as many writing back to you. Hi Carrie, I've followed the Paelo way of eating for a few months last year and I felt great, but it was really difficult to determine how to make it my new normal. It's certainly not easy though....especially when you throw allergies and diseases into the mix (lots of prayer to know what to do!). A friend of mine who is a nutritional therapy practitioner recently told me that how you feel about the food can have a profound effect on how it reacts in the body. It can be a hard balance and for me, I had to eat this way for so long to heal and now I need to start loosening the reigns just a bit. Not only is it super creamy, and much better tasting than most frozen yogurts I’ve tried, the nutritional stats are awesome! Posts may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. I struggle with feeling guilty also. It is a tough issue and one that I know personally. I am seeing this more and more in Dallas where being "green" and organic is pretty popular, yet it has become such a divisive issue...and to me it's just another tool of the Enemy . Sugar isn’t a good thing. Reviews on Organic Frozen Yogurt in Los Angeles, CA - Frog Frozen Yogurt (398 reviews), Go Greek Yogurt (434 reviews), Yoga-urt (80 reviews), The yogurt shoppe (78 reviews), Bumsan Organic Milk Bar (926 reviews), Milky's Frozen Yogurt (177 reviews), Humphrey Yogart (83 … But food is good and should be delicious and we should try to enjoy it especially in the company of family and friends. Thank you. I was stressed, unhappy and my world was going around food issues. Yes, I get teased about it from time to time, but I have grown too...and I don't care :).
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