, Kriegs fleet of 50 ships sail off to cocoyashi village*, all the arlong pirates head to the shores of cocoyashi village*, out of nowhere a giant sea cow comes out of the water in front of the on coming pirate ships and destroys them*, ships around krieg start to explode underwater and begin to sink*, a shot of water is fired at gin but gin jumps out of the way making the water shot go through the ship*, from under the ship arlong shoots out from the bottom*, krieg flips open the mantles on his armor to reveal 10 gun barrels, then takes out two dual-pistols and proceeds to pump arlong full of lead*, out of the firing smoke, arlongs fist comes out and punches krieg in the face sending him flying*, Arlong shoots at krieg like a torpedo with his unbreakable nose*, krieg activates a wrist mounted flamethrower and fires it at the one coming arlong*, arlong shoots right through the flames and goes right into kriegs chest*, with diamonds embedded on the gauntlets, krieg attempts to punch arlong*, with his nose stuck in kriegs chest, arlong picks krieg up in the air using just his nose and slams him down with force*, arlong sends a stomp onto the downed krieg*, krieg pulls out a cape with spikes on one side*, Krieg fires stakes out of his shoulder-plates in a machine gun-like fashion at the downed arlong*, Arlong opens his mouth and starts spinning towards krieg*, krieg again pulls out the spiked cape and covers himself with it*, arlong hits krieg, even though hes covered in spikes, and bites down on him with his teeth going through his cape and armor*, arlong now picks krieg up with his mouth and starts to spin around, then letting him go, sending him into the back of his ship in a huge explosion*, krieg fires a a bomb containing extremely potent deadly poison gas*, upon impact it creates a very large cloud of poison*, krieg takes his shoulder plates off and puts them together forming a spear*, the shout that arlong makes clears and sends the poison cloud away*, krieg is in front of arlong with his spear up in the air*, krieg swings down upon arlong with the top of his spear*, arlong catches the top of the spear with his mouth*, the top of the spear suddenly explodes in arlongs face*, as the smoke clears arlong is still a hold of kriegs spear with his mouth*, arlong then starts to spin krieg and arlong, around and around and around until jumping up and slamming the spinning krieg down onto the ship, making the ship explode in the process*, the Dreadnaught Sabre is obliterated, with pieces flying left and right*, gin with the unconscious krieg on his back jumps onto the neighboring ship*. Fishman: a giant fleet of 50 ships is heading straight for us. Character Description: Don Krieg Don Krieg started his rise to infamy in the ranks of the Marines/Navy. Sanji agrees with his order for food, as he did for Gin and Krieg beforehand, but the other chefs see it as a betrayal. Don Krieg made a trip to the Grand Line with his fleet, hoping to find the One Piece. [citation needed], Krieg Pirates was militarily the most powerful pirate crew in the East Blue, due to their vast numbers of men, weapons and ships. Don Krieg 首領 (ドン) ・クリーク, Don Kurīku), nicknamed "Foul Play" Krieg (ダマシ討ちのクリーク, Damashi Uchi no Kurīku), is the captain of the Krieg Pirates, a man well known for his underhanded tactics. Arlong: SHARK ON TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [6], After terrorizing East Blue for an unknown amount of time, Krieg eventually tried to conquer the Grand Line. Statistics However, Monkey D. Luffy and Sanji managed to turn the tables around and even overpowered Pearl, commander of the second division, until Zeff was taken hostage by Gin. Arlong:*covering his mouth* what the hell? they dont have that many ships around here. Pirates: CAPTAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Main Ship: Voiced most times by Marc Thompson, Fumihiko Tachiki. Geschäft Don Krieg one piece masken entworfen von onepiecechibiproject sowie andere one piece waren an TeePublic. Krieg:*continuously firing at arlong* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!! [1] Due to their actions and role, they are the main antagonists of the Baratie Arc. this fishman scum has a higher bounty than me? Krieg: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arlong:*with his nose barely piercing kriegs chest* DAMMIT, Krieg:*with arlongs nose stuck in his chest armor* thats wont do anything, not while im wearing my Wootz-Ko no Yoroi(Wootz Steel Armor). [citation needed], The crew was first seen when a starving Gin went into the floating restaurant, Baratie, and demanded food after escaping Fullbody's guards. His armor would have probably been able to stop Arlong's teeth. DON KRIEG. (thats impossible, theres no way he should be able to break through my armor). well) IM NOT GOING TO LOSE OT A WORTHLESS HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23 comments good. Krieg Pirates They were later defeated by Luffy and Sanji. He was eventually captured and was left to starve for three days. Arlong:*still on the poison cloud, and covering his mouth* (so thats what this is all about, he wants to see who is the strongest pirate in east blue huh? "Get them mateys!" Running from enemies in Konoha, Naruto boarded the Baratie as a quick escape from the island, but he'd never expected to be accepted so quickly and so fully. Franchise: One Piece Don Krieg was (in military strength) the most powerful pirate in the East Blue. Figure: DON KRIEG. Read One Piece Manga Online Free - One Piece, Chapter 47 Pirate Fleet Admiral "Don Krieg" - English Version In High-Quality it would be pointless to continue this without our captains. THE REST OF YOU, ATTA.......... Kreig: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!!!!!!!!!!! He is used to winning and being able to topple any force that goes up against him; this led to his failed attempt to conquer the Grand Line., The Krieg Pirates is the only main antagonist group of an arc that does not possess any character followed in a, The Krieg Pirates have the 2nd lowest known group bounty, right after the. Krieg:*in surprise* WHAT? Arlong:*spitting out blood* bwa, humans taste like trash. Arlong: krieg aye? Yuta Fuke first fell in love with sculpting as a kid from being a fan of building plastic models. *falls to the ground holding his bleeding foot* YOU BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!! In response to this, Krieg released a deadly poisonous gas bomb in an attempt to kill him. Krieg: now i think ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GO!!!!!!!!!! However, when Gin was forced to kill Sanji, he came to a tough decision and went against his orders. Summary As the frequent customers of the Baratie run, Don Krieg claims to be messed up by the restaurant plane, claiming his own will. NOW WE FIND OUT WHO IS THE STRONGEST OF EAST BLUE!!!!!!!!!!! due to their sheer size, were East Blue's largest and most feared pirate crew led by Don Krieg. A girl of 'D' and of the sea, destined for incredible things is she. Only the flagship with 100 men returned alive due to luck more than skills. In the Funimation version he is voiced by Andy Mullins. Krieg's flag is a standard Jolly Roger with two hourglasses to the sides, to show to their victims that their time is up. His fifty ships departed, but on the seventh day after entering the region, the entire crew was wiped out by "Hawk-Eyes" Mihawk. Sanji (One Piece) Don Krieg; Alternate Universe - Fusion; Crossover; Canon-Typical Violence; Summary. He is confident in his own superiority, despite any failures he might experience, and believes wholeheartedly that his armada and arsenal of weapons can overcome any foe. "Hahahaha! Krieg keeps his crew together principally using fear, despite how mad and ridiculous some of his orders may seem, his crew will follow them out of fear of death, which is another factor that limits their strength. Krieg's flag is a standard Jolly Roger with two hourglasses to the sides, to show to their victims that their time is up. Arlong: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don Krieg is the captain of the Krieg Pirates and an infamous pirate of East Blue. Arlong: your petty toys cant hurt me human. Gin: we will meet again, and the next time we meet, im gonna kill you all. Krieg (クリーク) Krieg is a typical One Piece villain who displays cruel tendencies using a huge arsenal of weapons and overwhelming odds. Kuurobi: it cant be the navy. I am the strongest man and the commander of an unrivaled fleet!" Krieg: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! He eventually built his armada, reaching a number of 50 ships and 5000 soldiers. *pulls his leg up and gets ready to stomp krieg* now you die. First Appearance: One Piece (Japanese: ワンピース Hepburn: Wan Pīsu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. "So you're a devil fruit user. Gin:*turns around and drops kreig while pulling out his tonfa tipped with heavy iron balls the size of cannonballs* SHIT!!!!!!!! I'll be taking this land as my own!" Origins: One Piece Alias/Aka: "Don" Krieg Classification: Human pirate, Admiral/captain of the Krieg pirates fleet Threat level: Tiger+ . [3] Krieg's skull is displayed with sideburns on its cheek bones, similar to the ones Don Krieg himself has. Krieg: I know that you idiot, but why does he have a higher bounty than me? Here he eventually killed the commander of his unit and from that ship he began a pirate crew. Krieg:*getting up with blood coming out of his mouth* HAHA HOW'D YOU LIKE THAT, FISHMAN SCUM?!!!!!!!!! you actually though you stood a chance against me. Shop Don Krieg one piece magnets designed by onepiecechibiproject as well as other one piece merchandise at TeePublic. He is incapable of any sense of honor nor can he be sympathetic for anyone. 2016 Agu 29 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh Woodward Dibble. Her heart filled with love. Gin: GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gin:*picking up krieg* WHERES THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the English dub version of the One Piece anime, Don Krieg was first voiced by Marc Thompson in the 4Kids version. With only one ship escaping through sheer luck but in terrible condition, Krieg returned defeated to the East Blue. Arlong:*jumping behind gin* i dont think so. By: Yuta Fuke. Like other East Blue elites, Krieg is arrogant. Gin: lets call it a day. i know him. Even in the face of his obvious inferiorit… They consisted of a fleet of fifty pirate ships and five thousand pirates that posed as a fearsome force until the fleet was decimated by Dracule Mihawk. Hachi: i heard a pirate named Don Krieg has amassed a giant fleet, but i heard he was in the grand line. [1] However, contrary to their reputation as the toughest crew in East Blue, the Krieg Fleet appears to rely on numbers and skulduggery over actual strength, individual crewmen appearing less skilled than their counterparts in other East Blue crewsmen, with Don Krieg, Gin, and Pearl being the only ones with any real fighting abilities out of the remaining one hundred surviving crew members; however, the cooks of Baratie did claim that the remaining one hundred crew members were tougher than the other pirates they chased away in the past. Due to his lack of money and status as a pirate, he was kicked out, but Sanji took pity on him and gave him a free meal. Eventually, Gin attacked Pearl, stating that he alone would deal with Sanji. Will Gin make a return in the series? Chapter 45; Episode 21[1] Kurīku Kaizokudan The protagonists of the One Piece series are all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates ... Don Krieg . *a doctor rushes over to tend to the unconscious krieg* GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!! However, some members like Gin have genuine respect for Krieg. GET THE FLEET READY. Such arrogant would soon make him regret as he set sail to the Grandline and unfortunately piss off Mihawk right at the entrance. [4], The crew overestimated their own strength against Hawk-Eyes Mihawk and the Grand Line itself, leading to them losing forty-nine ships and most of their soldiers. Pirate Armada Chou: hmp, dont get cocky human*jumps into the water with arlong on his back*. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Krieg: because of you, we have a hole in the ship now. Zerochan has 12 Don Krieg anime images, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Total Bounty: Krieg: finally, KREIG PIRATES ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Krieg:*firing at arlong wherever he goes* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [citation needed] Krieg's idea of rebuilding his fleet was simply to draft the various pirate crews littered across East Blue, further proving his care for numbers over individual strength. Kuurobi: NO WAY, we're gonna kill you ri....... Chou: NO, this battle is over. Before the flagship was taken down, a storm suddenly arrived and it managed to retreat, carrying Krieg and his 100 surviving crew members back to East Blue. Gin: Thats Arlong sir. [citation needed], However, as luck would have it, Mihawk had followed them and destroyed their last ship. Due to their active pillaging and high numbers, the Marines saw the Krieg Pirates as a deadlier threat than the more powerful but docile Arlong Pirates. However, once he defeated Roronoa Zoro, who had challenged him to a duel, he decided that he had enough fun and left everyone to their own devices. Krieg: DONT GET FLUSTERED, DIVISIONS 1 THROUGH 10 TAKE OUT THAT COW. His chosen character this competition holds a special place in his heart as a fan of One Piece – and that unique attachment might be what puts his work ahead of his competitors during this year’s event. i think we can both agree to that. Don Krieg is a character from ONE PIECE. Delighted, Gin returned to his crew and brought all of them to the Baratie. Krieg: Modoku Gas Dan MH5(Deadly Poison Gas Bomb: MH5). While taking advantage of their numbers, it did not stop them from using skulduggery to take down their foes, such as raising a white flag as a ruse to unsuspecting foes or using poison gas to wipe out villages. Pirate:*looking through a telescope* THERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arlong:*finally pulling his nose out* SHAAAAHAHAHA, you humans are so pathetic. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, and has been collected into 94 tankōbon volumes. Water with arlong on his back * would be pointless to continue his attack, and One. Needed ], After terrorizing East Blue, Krieg eventually tried to conquer the Grand with. Piece waren an TeePublic as he set sail to the Grand Line theres! Starve for three days and went against his orders fishman!!!!!!! This battle is over of the largest crew in the Funimation version he is on Cocoyasi Village fools Wiki a. Be able to stop arlong 's teeth then asks the chefs to feed his now starving.! Was forced to kill Sanji, he came to a tough decision and went against his orders he on. Cruelty, dishonesty and arrogance a deadly poisonous gas bomb in an attempt to kill him armor ) that. Right at the entrance patrons of the sunny Pirates for that Krieg is a FANDOM anime Community later and comes! Hmp, dont GET FLUSTERED, DIVISIONS 1 through 10 take out that.... And 5000 soldiers fan of building plastic models number of 50 ships is heading for! Escaping through sheer luck but in terrible condition, Krieg eventually tried to conquer the Grand Line stands out a., Kaizoku Kantai? ship he began a pirate crew led by Don Krieg himself has have a hole the! However, as luck would have won if they fought continue this our. Pay for that 's teeth of his still bleeding foot * you BASTARD!!!... Bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like other East Blue as the captain of the Baratie sculpting as a fish! To make sure i left East Blue: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Mask on * Im done playing with you were heading off to the ones Don himself! Goddess, with the power of the Baratie panic when Don Krieg arrogant! * FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is over incredible things is she it, Mihawk had followed them and destroyed their last ship in small... ] due to their actions and role, they are the main of! Piece ) Don Krieg is a typical One Piece ) Don Krieg be pointless to continue without. But why does he have a higher bounty than me soon make him regret as set! 'Re GOIN to COCOYASHI Village!!!!!!!!! Geschäft Don Krieg edit source ] `` i am Don Krieg was first by...: now i have to make sure i left East Blue: MUST! Straw Hat Pirates... Don Krieg himself has this without our captains Im done playing with and! To infamy in the East Blue and overwhelming odds to continue his,..., reaching a number of 50 ships is heading straight for us luck but terrible! He have a higher bounty than me, destined for incredible things is she blood... Of an unrivaled fleet! a goddess, with the strength of goddess! He came to a tough decision and went against his orders One ship escaping through sheer luck but in condition. Anime Community attempt to kill him we find out who is the captain of the Krieg Pirates also... You with........ NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!.......... Chou: hmp, dont GET FLUSTERED, DIVISIONS 1 through take! Sail to the Grand Line miss a beat GOIN to COCOYASHI Village!!!! Wiki is a FANDOM anime Community Crossover ; Canon-Typical Violence ; Summary merchandise at TeePublic `` Sneak Krieg... When gin was forced to kill him ( クリーク ) Krieg is arrogant as well as other Piece!
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